Mr. Valery Rukhledev, the president of ICSD, said ‘Samsun is entirely an olympic city, higher-up venues had been built. I believe in Turkey, Samsun will get ahead of Chinese Taipei’.

The president of ICSD (International Committee of Sport for the Deaf), who spoke in the 5th Progress Report Meeting organized before Deaflympics that will be held on 18-30th of July in Samsun, said ‘Samsun had become an olympics city, first-class venues had been built. These venues will be opened to use for the people in Samsun and next generation after the games, they will benefit from them. This is a great acquisition for Turkey. These venues will host a lot of success of many young.’

‘Samsun is entirely an olympic city’.

‘’When I became the present, I was informed that the Deaflympics will be held in Samsun. After I asked why you have chosen Samsun for the games to the Minister of Youth and Sport, the answer was that ‘You will comprehend what we mean after seeing Samsun and visiting our venues’.  It was true; Samsun looked like an olympic city with its land, sea and nature. Then as ICSD we met, discussed and decided that Samsun will host deaflympics.’’ Said the president, Valery Rukhledev.

'I believe in Turkey’s power.'

The president, who says ‘I expected that Samsun is an unqualified city but after my first visitation, I was shocked, liked and thought that it is very different’, expressed that new venues have been built, there is no deficiency and he believes in Turkey’s power. 

‘Turkey will get ahead of Chinese Taipei’

Mr. Rukhledev, who reminds that he was also a national athlete, said ‘I was assigned in many places and I visited much. The organization was really high-class in Australia in 2005. When I had been to Chinese Taipei, I was so surprised because it was better than Australia. Then I thought that it would not be carried out better organization than Chinese Taipei, other countries would not manage like them but Turkey has achieved this. They are working very proffessional as organization and Organization Committee. I believe in Turkey, they will get ahead of Chinese Taipei.’

‘I really liked the promotions.’

The president, who mentions that he really liked the promotional activities, said ‘Visual materials are first-class, it is possible to see them everywhere’. Mr. Valery Rukhledev thanked Mr. Akif Çağatay Kılıç, Minister of Youth and Sports of Turkish Repuplic, for supporting in each field of the organization.

The meeting, which ICSD president and council members and Serkan Baltacı, general coordinator, and directors of departments participated in, continued with question and answers.



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